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Atlas Communications Technology Opens Solutions Center for Trading Community and Financial Markets

Atlas Communications Technology launched its Solutions Center this week, a unique demonstration facility for exhibiting innovative solutions and thought leadership in the Capital Markets Technology space, strategically located in the heart of New York’s Financial District.

Atlas hosted an exclusive event this week for invited industry leaders to get a first look at the Solutions Center as a space for ongoing technological innovation. Invitees saw first- hand why the Atlas Solutions Center is an unprecedented facility – a comfortable, high-tech, high-touch environment that, unlike other labs, is the only full, working ecosystem dedicated to traders and the trading community.

“Atlas has been an Acme Packet Pinnacle Partner for many years,” said Dino Di Palma, COO of Acme Packet “and has always been at the forefront of technology. They were our first authorized services partner for enterprise and the Solutions Center only reaffirms that Atlas continues to innovate and lead in the trader voice space. This unique facility will really help potential customers and partners see what enormous value Atlas adds.”

“Nothing like this exists on Wall Street,” said Anthony Morrone, President of Atlas. “We have created a space for clients and partners alike to explore the different options that Atlas offers in integrating various vendors into unified solutions.”

The Atlas Solutions Center is designed to allow clients to touch, feel and experience technology and tools integration. The Atlas Solutions Center ecosystem showcases cloud- based solutions that address industry needs such as compliance and risk mitigation, mobility and BCP/DR, social media and trending. This living ecosystem, where technologies will be constantly updated to anticipate market needs and to promote innovation and choice in the marketplace, demonstrates Atlas’ ability to integrate best-in-breed technology and provide complete unified communications solutions.

“Many of the unified communications and cloud-based solutions we provide and the technologies we integrate are inherently hard to visualize,” said Indrajit “IG” Ghosh, CTO of Atlas. “With the Solutions Center, we have created a space to make evident how Atlas’ special brand of integration creates solutions that are easy to use and to showcase why our products are essential to their day to day activities. Here our clients can easily understand Page 1 of 2 our solutions and how we can help their enterprise be more competitive, while providing cost savings.”

In addition, Atlas’ partners have been invited showcase their products and solutions to a national audience from the heart of Wall Street. The Solutions Center is designed with the unique ability to sandbox equipment with an array of customer specified equipment and applications, demonstrating the benefits of Atlas integration and how a partner’s equipment interoperates with products that their clients may already own to provide a complete a solution.

While traders and the trading community form the core of Atlas’ customers, the Solutions Center is also designed to accommodate any enterprise interested in transforming their communications systems, and Atlas stated that it had started a reservation system for interested partners and clients to visit the location.

About Atlas Communications Technology, Inc.

Atlas Communications Technology specializes in architecting, designing, building, and managing SIP enabled Unified Communications ecosystems and has delivered real time, intelligent, next generation services to the Financial and Trading industries for over fifteen years.

Atlas’ lines of business are: APS, which focuses on business transformation, strategic assessments and delivery; ATS, which centers on Unified Trading Solutions, Cloud-based Architectures for Enterprises and SMBs; and ASIMS which provides Application Support, Integration and Management.

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