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Atlas Communications Technology Announces Acquisition of Global Financial Technology Enterprises

New York, New York, January 25, 2013 – Atlas Communications Technology, Inc., (ACT) a leading global provider of high quality, mission critical communications services, announced today an agreement to acquire Global Financial Technology Enterprises, LLC (GFTE) to strengthen its solutions delivery to the financial trading community.

ACT will market their combined new services under the Atlas Trading Solutions (ATS)TM brand. Leading the new endeavor will be industry veterans John Faccibene, joining as Managing Director, and Bill Wagner and Jay Lau joining as Regional General Managers. Together the team brings years of experience in financial industry trading technology to the venture.

The agreement builds on the best core competencies of both companies, including their specialization in the financial trading vertical, international presence, and their portfolio of IP based trader voice solutions. “The financial industry is transforming as a result of evolving technologies that revolutionize the way that people conduct business,” said Indrajit “IG” Ghosh, ACT’s Chief Technology Officer. “ATS will address a customer’s ability to adopt these new solutions by offering cloud-based services that focus on mobility, time to market, and risk mitigation, enabling the trading community to trade anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

“The world is transforming,” added John Faccibene, Managing Director of ATS. “It has become increasingly complex for an enterprise to integrate their disparate solutions; ATS will provide a streamlined path towards the best solution for each customer’s unique requirements while addressing their fundamental communications needs.”

Atlas Trading SolutionsTM empowers customers to realize major benefits including:

  • Trading applications as a service (turrets, hoot & holler, intercom, squawk, PBX)
  • SIP enabled, cloud-based services (federation, presence, collaboration, voice recording, click to call, PSTN access) including mobile and social media integration
  • Business resilience and recoverability
  • Reduced TCO via an operating expenditure model
  • Interoperability of new and legacy systems with mobile, cloud, and social media networks

Anthony Morrone, ACT’s President, added, “We are very excited about providing our customers with a robust and scalable set of session based trading solutions. With proven Page 1 of 2quality, reliability and security, Atlas Trading Solutions’TM services deliver enhanced functionality, cost savings, and the mitigation of risk not only to the trading desktop, but to the entire financial enterprise.”

About GFTE

Global Financial Technology Enterprises, LLC is a global supplier of equipment, network solutions, and network based services that meet the new demands of financial trading and command and control clients. With presence in New York, London, and Hong Kong, GFTE’s purpose-built desk stations and hosted managed services leverage SIP to bring cost effective solutions to these highly specialized customer segments.

About Atlas Communications Technology, Inc.

Atlas Communications Technology prides itself on delivering real-time, intelligent, next generation services to the Banking and Brokerage industry for over 15 years. Atlas specializes in SIP and unified communications in the Trading, Contact Center and Enterprise Communications space for banking and brokerage institutions.

Atlas is comprised of Atlas Professional Services (APS), Atlas Trading Solutions (ATS), and ASIMS. APS focuses on business transformation, strategic assessments and delivery; ATS centers on Unified Trading Solutions, Cloud-based Architectures for Enterprise and SMB segments; and ASIMS provides Application Support, Integration and Management.

Few companies today fully understand the intricacies of SIP and IP protocols and the challenges in designing and managing SIP enabled architectures (eco-systems). Atlas’ goal is to align our client’s business objectives and priorities to architect, design, build and support a communications ecosystem that leverages the best technologies available for our client’s needs. For more information, please visit