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As technology rapidly evolves, and change is the only constant, building client-centered solutions is more important than ever.

As software defined networking (SDN) takes off, as cloud becomes the rule rather than the exception, and as traditional TDM networks are being replaced with fiber and Ethernet, the equipment and related software enterprises acquired a decade ago are disappearing so there is a fervent interest in how networks, security, business applications, web and mobile applications and the expanding Internet of Things should be designed, engineered, implemented and supported.

As nearly every new version of data and communications software is being built for Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) blade servers, and as enterprises trust more in VMs that have supported more and more applications over the years and now can support applications including real time communications, enlightened enterprise CIOs and their IT teams are asking all the right questions, and digging into all the alternative solutions deeper than in the past.


Part of the answer is economics. IT has been a notoriously expensive proposition as enterprises were forced to adapt to the digital world, and support their internal teams, their supply chains, their partner ecosystems, and the changing behaviors and expectations of their customers. And while it has been extremely lucrative for IT firms, from device manufacturers to software developers, from systems integrators to platform providers, to fuel the growth of digital business, we've entered a new era where all the R&D that has moved these businesses into the cloud often has resulted in less revenue with higher margins for vendors.

And the vendors have responded differently to this new "cloud crisis" including some who have attempted draconian measures threatening no support to embedded systems unless their customers agreed to expensive upgrades. We are getting more and more calls from our clients who are asking us what they should do - stay or go? Pay to play? Or play to win?

As a suffering JETS fan at heart, I take a quote from former head coach Herm Edwards:

At Smart IMS and Atlas – we only play to win!

– Amar Reddy

Friday, December 9, 2016

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